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Farmer Gracy

Lily 'Polar Star'

Lily 'Polar Star'

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Soft, white and almost fluffy, the double white lily Lily 'Polar Star' is a delightful addition to the garden. The frilled and twisting petals of this flower seem to emit light like a twinkling star on an icy night. Cooling the effect of this icy white down even further is the suggestion of fresh peppermint ice around the centre of the bloom. The double oriental Lily 'Polar Star' is a prolific bloomer and emits an intense fragrance along with its cooling image. This plant could definitely seem to cool you down on a hot midsummer day. It flowers in the earlier part of summer.

You won’t be sorry if you include this breathtaking white double lilies in your garden or let 'em steal attention in a pot on your patio!

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