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Farmer Gracy

Lily 'Casa Blanca'

Lily 'Casa Blanca'

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The textured and slightly hairy nature of oriental lilies give the blooms of Lily 'Casa Blanca' a slightly different look, softening the intense white of this magnificent flower and taking the glare off its icy surface. Proud and tall, 'Casa Blanca' is a top choice as far as lilies go. Its recurved flowers are large and stunningly white, the only contrasting colour being in the green stamen and burnt-orange anthers. Proud of their appearance, these lilies turn their faces outwards to greet those who gather to admire them.

White Oriental Lily 'Casa Blanca' is also fragrant, so after making your acquaintance it will leave you with a scent to remember it by when it moves on to greet newcomers.

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