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Farmer Gracy

Canna 'Vanilla Cream'

Canna 'Vanilla Cream'

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Dreamy Canna 'Vanilla Cream' is certainly the crème de la crème when it comes to compact cannas. From mid-summer onwards, this marvellous new variety heralds its signature ambrosia blooms above a dense column of large, lush green banana-like leaves. If the colours in your planting schemes are spicy enough already, use this cool customer to tone it down a notch!

With their impressive, architectural looks, cannas are a trendy and exotic-looking summer plant for the border, and this dwarf form is also suitable for growing in a patio pots. Give Canna 'Vanilla Cream' a sunny spot and it will grow quickly, putting on an incredible foliage display from early on in the season, topped off with the icing on the cake – a late-summer show of large creamy blooms!

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